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The Accomplishments
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Teens ®

Former Miss Teen International - Gabriela Lopez

On July 28, 2008 I was named Miss Teen International® 2008 this honor will enable me to share my passion for the athletes of the Special Olympics and their incredible desire to be the best they can be.

The Special Olympics is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition.

As an athlete myself, I know the effort and skill required to participate in sports but I never knew the true joy or running a race or the real thrill of being on a team until I saw these kids participate in the Special Olympics.  There are countless stories of how if one of them falls in a race, the others will stop and go back and get the one that fell.  You see, they not only carry the torch, they carry each other.  We could all learn an important lesson from these special people.

As part of my mission I want to speak to high school students all over about volunteering with Special Olympics and to encourage them to organize sports teams and cheerleading squads for students with disabilities.

I love being a coach for our squad here in Dothan.  The joy and pride I feel every time they learn a new routine is overwhelming.  There girls work really hard to be the best they can be and you can’t ask for anything more than that.

I am honored to represent them and I am honored to carry the torch for Special Olympics to today’s young people.