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Former Miss Teen International - Jadyn Luberto

As the story line goes.. “If you keep on believing, the dream that you wish can come true” -Cinderella

Hello! I am Jadyn Luberto and I am Miss Teen International 2020. I am from the small town of Apalachicola, Florida, which is located along Florida’s Forgotten Coast. Although, we’re not that forgotten.  Thousands of people come to  visit us each and every year to experience our white sand beaches, salty seafood, and all the history we have to offer. The small community atmosphere  has developed me into the individual I am today. Where I live, small town hospitality is our specialty, and you never meet a stranger. This year I am a senior at Franklin County High school. There, I am a part of many clubs and organizations such as,  The National Honors Society, Beta Club,  President of the Student Government Association, as well as the Senior class President. I was also selected to sit on my district's advisory board to help make improvements to my school. School involvement is very important to me and something I wish to instill in others. I believe that together we can make a difference.

As a little girl I have always dreamed of being the “princess” on stage standing under the beaming lights, in a beautiful dress, being crowned with a once in a lifetime opportunity. That was always just a dream that I never would have expected to come true... but on August 2, 2020 that dream became a reality. From a young age, I have always been taught that nothing comes easy in life, If you want something you have to put forth effort and work for it. Your qualities  are what make you unique in your own way. Believing in myself is the most important quality I possess.  For I have always said be yourself and embrace your own beauty and the unique qualities you possess for you are the only you so be proud. This is why I strive to be the best I can. I let my confidence, kindness, and words of encouragement shine through with all that I do. I am a well rounded honest individual. I believe you should stay focused on who you are and where you are headed. To me life is about following not only your heart but also your dreams for yourself. This is what has made me the persistent person I am today. My bubbly personality allows me to express myself and I hope it encourages others to do the same.

Throughout my year as Miss Teen International I will work under my platform which I have selected as breast cancer awareness. However, I did not select this platform, This platform selected me. When I was 4 years old my grandmother developed stage 4 breast cancer. She passed away on June 26, 2008 after a brave and long battle with this disease. Although, I was not given the opportunity to spend very long with her. Paula’s Purpose will live on forever. Advocating for breast cancer awareness is a family affair. Because of my grandmother's battle with breast cancer and the lasting impact her fight had on my family, I have been involved in the breast cancer community from a young age. As I became older, my desire to create change grew. Through my platform Paula’s Purpose I will continue to advocate to spread awareness and to help raise funds. My goal is to get more teens my age involved with how they can make a difference too! I will do everything I can so no other little girl has to face the loss of a grandmother like I did. I know that together we can make a change and find a cure! Throughout your life I ask you to always remember to Think Pink!

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected I would be where I am today. I am so excited to spend my year as Miss Teen International. It is my promise that I will continue to live everyday to the fullest of my potential. It is very true when they say one crown can change your life forever. Remember you can truly accomplish anything you set your mind to, nothing is impossible. My wish is that throughout your life you fulfill every opportunity set forth your way, strive to be the greatest version of yourself everyday, and remember to always have courage and be kind.

Jadyn Luberto,

Miss Teen International 2020